Manuscripts should be submitted via Email  according the  manuscript preparation and author guidelines , To the editor in chief


Authors Guidelines


Author’s Name and Surname1 (11 font size, centered)

1Author Affiliation, Institution, address (10 font size, Italic, centered)

Telephone, fax and E-mail address

Abstract— A short abstract may be provided which summarizes the content of your paper. Abstract should contain about 200 words and with 10 font size, Times New Roman, justified, single line spacing.

Keywords—(Font Size, bold, Italic): 5 words that are written with 9 font size and separated with commas.

  1. Introduction (Title  New Roman, 12 Font Size, bold)

The full paper shall be written with Times New Roman font, single line spacing and 11 font size containing the description of subject, problematic and method of realization

  • Materials and methods

Equipment and method that have been used in the work must be stated clearly and subtitles should be used when necessary.  If the numerical method have been used in the work, it must been presented clearly with the adequate software

  •  Subtitle

First degree titles (3.) should be written left aligned (Times New Roman, 12 font size, bold). 2nd degree subtitles (3.1) should be written left aligned (Title Times New Roman, 12 font size, bold).

Figure 1. Figure legend (Times New Roman, 10 font size, Italic, centered)

Table 1. Table legend(Times New Roman, 10 font size, Italic, centered)

  • Results and discussions

Results of the work and supporting figures, tables and images of the results should take part in the manuscript.

  • Conclusion

If all authors follow these guidelines as much as they find feasible, the Volume of manuscript will have a professional, semi-uniform appearance and can be produced without too much extra work.

  • References

Resources that have been presented inside [  ] in the text with numbers should be listed according to their order in the text. References that have been presented in the references list should be prepared in a format according to the reference type shown below:

  1. F.  Fotsa-Ngaffo,  A.P.  Caricato,  F.  Romano,  Optical  properties  of  ITO/TiO 2   single  and double layer thin films deposited by RPLAD, Appl. Surf. Sci. 255 (2009) 9684-9687.
  1. I. Boukef, M. Trad, H. Makni, M. Elbour, A. Boudabbous, Qualité Bactériologique de quelques effluents urbains traités et rejetés dans l’environnement : Proceedings  of the International Conference  WATRAMA, Tunis, October 25–28 (2000) 40–45.
  2. Name of author, (year), title of thesis, university and country
The first number is available online April 2019